Dog Training Essentials: What is Your Purpose?

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When you start thinking about training your dog, you will need dog training essentials that range from your emotional preparedness to equipment. Dog training essentials can range from things like collars, leashes, and books to DVDs, and more. However, training essentials differ for the specific types of dog training you may be considering.

The More Complicated, The More Essentials

The more complex the behaviors you are trying to elicit, the more training essentials will be required. For instance, if you are considering training your dog to do agility competitions, then you will need training essentials that involve actual obstacles course items. However, basic obedience may only require training essentials like a leash or a clicker.

Be Comfortable With Your Essentials

No matter what type of training you are working on, you need to be comfortable with your training essentials. Some trainers will recommend harsh items like shock collars or choke collars with spikes. However, most trainers will tell you that these are harsh ways to train your dog, and a good trainer or owner will never need to go to these extremes.

Typical Training Essentials for Obedience Training

Most obedience training will require training essentials like a choke collar, a lead, and possibly a clicker (if you are doing clicker training). As training essentials go, some people are hesitant to use a choke collar, but if used quickly and just for correction they can be useful in obedience training. You can even find nylon choke collars that are gentler than chain collars.

A good leash is also one of the important training essentials for obedience training, because it allows you more control over your dog. Some obedience classes offer a choke collar-lead that is an all-in-one piece used only for training purposes.

A clicker is an essential training item only if you are going to be using clicker training. There are pros and cons to this kind of training, but it can be an effective method for teaching your dog.

Training Essentials for Working Dogs

If you are going to be training your dog for working purposes, you will need other training essentials. For instance, hunters training dogs to retrieve game may need to purchase training essentials that simulate game. Dog whistles can be helpful training essentials in this type of training.

Essentials for Behavioral Training

If you are working with your dog on behavioral issues, advice varies on training essentials. With chewing, training essentials are deterrent sprays and active toys. If there is aggression, training essentials may include treats for praise or recording for sound. The training essentials required to deter behaviors are going to be directly related to the behavior you are trying to get rid of.

Books, DVDs, and More

Are books, DVDs, and trainers part of the training essentials? They can be. If you have little experience training dogs, these resources can be essential, because they give you a good education about training. If you are new to training a dog, books or DVDs are absolutely training essentials.

However, if you are really lost on how to train your dog, a trainer may be required. Also, there are some certifications like therapy dog training that require you to train your dog in the presence of a trainer.

Really, dog training essentials depend on your purpose in training. If you are trying to train for something specific, do research into methods of training. This research will give you a clear idea of exactly what training essentials will be required.



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